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Her it is. The Patch 1.6.0 for Ryzom arrived yesterday, monday October 12th!

The biggest change in this patch is that we have extended the ingame web system.

"We have now the opportunity to create web applications that can not only be used in game, but also out of game. To demonstrate the concept, the mail system has been redone and there is a small application for taking notes. Now you can read and write mail both out of game and ingame (SHIFT+W). This is just the begining, and we are planning to add new web applications in the future. To help us do this, we would like to invite players that have PHP knowledge to join our new volunteer team of PHP web developers.

We have also modified the graphical design of the user interface to make it more modern and pleasant. Moreover, we have introduced a new font which is easier to read, can handle many more characters, and thus allows you to write in other languages.

Seven new tatoos for each race and gender (56 tatoos in total) have been added, but beware - only the really wealthy can afford to wear them.

A lot of work has also been done behind the scenes on the event tools to allow the event team to cook up some even more advanced and interesting events.

All of the "boss mobs" (with the exception of some special ones like Bodokin, Shooketh, etc) will now appear in several different locations ! These new spawn-locations have been added but we'll leave them for you to find ;-). We also took advantage of this change in gameplay to clean up the code and make it more easily scalable..."


Ryzom is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing or MMORPG Game set 30.000 years into the future, on a living, evolving world: beautiful Atys! Check here the official website of Ryzom.

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