Rusty Hearts has announced the launch date of its first major expansion, Reborn

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that Reborn, the first major expansion for its free-to-play MMO brawler Rusty Hearts, is going to be launched the next July 24. The Rusty Hearts team is excited to share more details and new screens for a closer look at the largest update the game has seen since it first launched.

"We're absolutely pumped about the upcoming expansion," said Senior Product Manager Mark Hill. "In many ways, Rusty Hearts: Reborn represents a true rebirth for the brawler with a brand new starting area, a dramatic shift from the game's gothic and dark aesthetic to a introduce bright, outdoor areas, and of course, a brand new Weapon Focus for each character. Whether you're a new or veteran player, there's never been a better time to jointhe Rusty Hearts community!"

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