Runescape presents Dungeons of Daemonheim

Jagex has presented Dungeons of Daemonheim, the biggest and most ambitious update they have made to RuneScape to date.

"The biggest expansion in RuneScape history. The Dungeons of Daemonheim expansion is comprised of the first three of five underground levels. Each one offers customized 'rooms' in which players must to master the skill of Dungeoneering.

Each room in the Dungeons of Daemonheim is randomly generated and customized to the skill level and abilities of the players that enter it. No two rooms and no two experiences will ever be the same, offering the possibility of billions of different combinations and providing over 60.000 hours of new gameplay."

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"Earlier this year, a wave of pure energy surged across RuneScape, knocking everyone to the floor. While the oter nations scrambled to figure out the meaning of the strange power, the fremennik -a barbarian race from the north- followed the visions of their seers and sailed to its source. There, they found an ancient and abandoned castle, with two hidden doors leading to near-endless dungeons.

The Fremennik, priding themselves on their strength and daring, sent their hardiest men and women into the dungeons. After weeks of screams and then silence, only two men retured, bringing stories of terrible demons and forgotten races. With their ranks depleted, the Fremennik admitted defeat, and called upon the mercenaries and adventurers of RuneScape to raid the place they call Daemonheim, and return with the secrets hidden in its depths."



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  1. alonso

    i was going through the dungeon when i reached the boss stage and i found a whatever behemoth on 108 and if you think that’s bad then listen to this i was on lvl64 when i fought it and i was alone also there were 2 corpses

  2. Jason

    “There was once a race called the Dragonkin, which are incredibly powerful creatures that come from the war-scarred realm called Freneskae.

    The Dragonkin were tasked with guarding TWO powerful artifacts. One of them was the Stone of Jas – a creative power that the God called Guthix found on this empty plane(Gielinor) and used to create Runescape. The other – a destructive power that is still unknown.

    We don’t know exactly when the Dragonkin were brought to Runescape, all we know is what I stated above.

    A other race called the Mahjarrat – which is a other incredibly powerful race of lich type beings, whose power is greater than an army of 300 human warriors. They come from the same realm of the Dragonkin.

    The Mahjarrat are power hungry beings who mostly want to destroy everything that come in there path, some though are friendly to us humans.

    Bilrach (A Mahjarrat)believes that the Dragonkin built the castle above Daemonheim to hide and guard the mysterious power – the destruction power. This is confirmed by the dragonkin statue at the top of the stairs, serving as a warning to intruders.

    The Dragonkin have an emblem which they carve out wherever they go. One half of it is the stone of Jas, while the other half resembles a compass rose, or a 4-pointed star.

    Bilrach, who is clearly looking for more power before the next Mahjarrat ritual, travels beneath the Dragonkin castle into the Dungeons of Daemonheim to find this destructive power and do really terrifying evils with it.

    Here we are 879 years later and us humans find Daemonheim, and as we travel downward towards the last room we find the reality becomes warped and chaotic. What will we find?”

    (The story of this skill)

    Honestly this is why I love Runescape. The lore and story-lines they come up with are really unique and interesting.

    I love this skill and I can wait till the second batch comes out to see whats really at the bottom of Daemonheim.

    Skill: 4.5/5
    Story: 5/5
    Graphics: 4.5/5

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