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Developed by Runewaker Entertainment for Windows.


Runes of Magic is a free massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG). Based on the mystical world, full of wonders and ancients secrets, of Taborea, the player will meet mysterious and dangerous creatures and solve the enigmas of old kingdoms long-lost in the mists of time.


  1. Regular new content updates, e.g., classes, races, game modes and much more.

  2. Extensive dual class system with six primary classes and a selectable secondary class.

  3. Versatile spell and attack combinations.

  4. More than 1,000 quests and comprehensive quest series with continuous storyline.

  5. Enthralling background story.

  6. Freely accessible game world in atmospheric 3D.

  7. Instanced and persistent dungeons.

  8. Individually developed skills and spells.

  9. Armor sets with special bonuses.

  10. Dynamic item system: upgrades available with hundreds of runes.

  11. Player vs. player system with arena battles and guild wars.

  12. Server vs. server PvP.

  13. Ranking system: ranking lists.

  14. Mounts: various unique mounts.

  15. Epic crafting system with the chance to improve existing items.

  16. Housing from the beginning: personalization of houses through individual furnishing.

  17. Guild houses in special zones.

  18. Reputation system.

  19. Scalable user interface based on user preference (development of add-ons possible).

  20. In-game map and radar system to easily find dealers, resources and quests.

  21. Auction house: auction and purchase in-game items.

  22. Teleporting possibilities using runes.

  23. Control with mouse (point and click) and/or keyboard (WASD or arrow keys).


Six classes stand ready to face the challenges of Taborea. Brave warriors, skillful scouts, agile rogues, wise magicians, noble knights and holy clerics investigate myths and legends in the shadows of ancient rune magic. At chapter eleven, the game will recieve another two classes: druids and wardens.


When starting into a new career, adventurers can select to be a warrior, ranger, cleric, knight, mage or rogue. When they reach level 10, they can add a secondary class, which augments the possible class combinations up to 30 individual combination types.


Any guilds in Runes of Magic starting from level 7 can build their own fortress. Guild members can meet there to plan new adventures, share stories of past activities or prepare against imminent attacks.

In order to build a guild fortress, the contribution of every guild member is required. It’s only as a group that the guild can afford the costs in terms of gold, ore and wood that are involved in laying the foundations for their own home. Only after handing over these resources will the guild receive the construction permission from the Guild Castles Administrator in Varanas and only then can they begin to have some thoughts on the fitting out of their new base.


Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 512MB or more
HDD: 3.62GB
DirectX 9.0c compatible with 128MB RAM Video Card

Website: Runes of Magic

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13 Comentarios de Runes of Magic

  1. Darryl

    Best MMORPG? don’t think so. This game is highly glitched and it’s an insult to even compare it to WoW as many have. I searched online for awhile and came across this game. Got heavily into, leveled clear to 32 before the problems started. Yes this game is free but what most people do not realize to get a mount, or anything decent in this game to have to spend real money buying “Diamonds” which are not cheap for the junk you can buy, just a few examples. A permanent mount will cost you anywhere from $10 USD to $40 USD, the privilege for talking to the “WORLD” (anyone outside your current zone) will cost you $5 USD and you’re only allowed to talk 25 times before you have to spend another $5 USD. I won’t even get into details about how bad this game is glitched and the problems I hear from people on a daily basis playing. To ice the cake, and what was the last straw for me is when I spent $21.95 USD buying diamonds and my order failed yet they still took my money and did not give me my diamonds. I suggest anyone who reads this or thinks about this game, find another one or just play WoW.. you won’t regret it like I did. Of course if you don’t mind throwing money into a game with sub-par development and too many glitches and bugs to count.. go ahead.

  2. Sdog

    I have to disagree with Darryl on many points, but not all of them. For a casual player, this is a great MMORPG. It’s free and if you learn the ins and outs of the game, you can still create a great character without the $$$, but requires more time. Joining a guild does add to the fun, especially during a Seige War when it’s guild against guild to conquer their castles. The dual class system adds a lot to the game since you can combine 8 different classes to fit your playing style. With the dual class system, you can also learn elite skills which are unique to each combination. Main class switching is also possible such as priest/scout to scout/priest.
    The focus of the game is on PvE, with dungeons and raids too. Gear building is very important and should be studied in depth to get the most out of the game and your char.
    As for money, I’ve always bought game cards from Target stores or 7-Eleven stops. I’ve spent as much in game as I would for a 1 year subscription to WoW, but since I don’t play everyday, I’m not throwing away money. Don’t use credit cards-they have a 30 day waiting period.
    As for graphics, they are glitchy and the game engine suffers from a lot of lag. Opening the right ports on your router, a high GHz processor (3+), fast RAM (DDR3), and broadband Internet make the biggest difference. This game isn’t optimized for graphics cards, so your 3 card rig won’t make much difference.
    For a free, international MMORPG, I’ve been very satisfied. If you want to try the game for awhile, I recommend lvling to 10 for both your classes and see what you think. Hitting Knight10/Priest10 or any combination only takes about a week.

  3. romsux

    I have 2 characters on the Palenque server of RoM, 1 at max level, and another near max level…after playing this game a few months, I have to realize like many of those who left this game…Just how much problems this game have…At first glance, this game might look like a decent F2P game…but most of these writers that wrote these reviews never really stayed on the game long ever to give you an accurate feel of the game…RoM for one, has many bugs & glitches…also, many players reported being hacked, or paid for diamonds that they never received…They never bother to address the bugs & glitches issue, as they continue to add on contents in hopes that it’ll keep the paying players on, and many players still talked about getting their account hacked on the world chat…diamonds purchased and never received would take forever to resolve…basically no customer service to paying players…the GMs only come on the server to chit chat…but when a player ask about fixes or raise issues about the game…the GMs tuck tail & sign off as soon as possible…I have gotten my forum account banned for stating the truth…Letting newcomers know that their Palenque server has a lot of players that take advantage of new players, and are very selfish & greedy…I was banned because a paying player complained to the GMs, and the GMs have been trying to get new players to join that failing server…where many players have grown tired of Frogster’s shady business ethics, and the self serving player on Palenque, and have either quit or moved on to another server. If you want to try RoM still, I would highly recommend that you enjoy it as a F2P and not pay for this piece of crap they call MMO, because you’ll most likely be playing by yourself on Palenque…People will only help you when you have diamonds or something they want from you…save yourself time & money…avoid the game or the Palenque server like a plague!!!

  4. romsux

    And all the players who came to my defense about the selfish & greedy player that got the GMs to delete my posts, got their posts deleted as well…Frogster do not want to address players issues, they just want to take your money & run…furthermore, in recent days, they have 2 CEOs that left the company…and hacker player (thought to be disgruntle employee) threaten to release player credit card informations if employees were not treated better…is it worth it to play a game where the company only cares about their bottom line!!!

  5. Mamnoonyblows

    Totally agree with romsux that this game is not worth playing at all…1st, people that plays the game said that you can reach endgame quick…which is technically true…but they did not mention how many hours u have to play a day to get there…while the quests r not terribly time consuming, but that’s not where the problem lies…the reason y u would have to play 8 to 10 hrs a day is because the server is soo laggy…you feel the lag every few secs of playing…it takes 5 mins just to log into the game, 2 mins to load when u switch zones, and if u plan on participating in siege war (RoM’s version of GvG), then be prepared to get dc’d a lot…and i mean somedays, u will dc 8+ times during siege war…now siege war last only 1 hr, so think about dc so many times and 5 mins to log back in each time…u basically r not playing…and if u r the unlucky people who plays Palenque server, u will leave sooner than u can finish downloading the game…they advertise Palenque server as a west coast/mexico server…but there are barely any english speaking players…most of em are spanish player with broken english…and the cash shop is in spanish, without an option for english…and the quality of the players on that server is terrible…not enough people spend money on the Palenque server…most of em playing f2p and knows that they need diamonds, so what they do is prey on unsuspecting newcomers…tons of trading scams, people that’s just nice to u to get u to sell em diamonds u purchased…u won’t get any assistance in game, unless u r the few that buys diamonds…and joining a guild on that server is like joining a gang…they will say that they’re helpful & want to help u reach endgame…but really, they’re just using u to get what they want…they invite people who buys diamonds…take em on instances, but then use master loot to control who gets what…of course they keep the best stuff for themselves & their friends first…so if u’re f2p, u’re pretty much last in line unless u are the self serving types that takes advantage of others..and talk about GM abuse, u can be banned for complaining about the game, and game bugs & glitches…they don’t seem to want to address anything broken about the game…the new chapter 4 is just a ploy to sucker newcomers, pretending that the game is doing well & growing…the fact is, Palenque server just took down another server because too many people left…and when u reach lvl 55, there’s an area where u can farm for high lvl gear, but everyone’s there…so trying to move around in that area is like trying to win a lottery…and there’s only enough room for a raid party of 36…and each event comes around 1 to 2 hrs, but don’t try crashing the party…or u might not likely to get invited in the future runs…and those events bugs often…so it’s not even up for long before it breaks…and unless u have a whole day to blow, good luck trying to get into the raid group, half of them never leave for the whole day…and with more people reaching lvl 55, it becomes even harder to get geared up…unless u can spend tons of money on the game…and the monsters are pretty much the same in all areas, just with different names…so it gets boring quick…and with just bosses in instances that u can’t do unless u have money to spend on the gear…and r willing to deal with self serving players…so all in all, its a big waste of time, imo. Oh, and considering when RoM 1st came out, they report to have over 5 million users…now only 700k+, it’s just an indication of how bad the game is…that they can drop player base this quickly.

  6. Mamnoony

    So what that I bought some game cards?? Five $20 dollar game cards still less than what other subscription MMOs charge, so technically I’m considered F2P!! I can just stand there and press the same buttons, and the boss dies XD

    That’s the way I look at it. =]

  7. James

    ROM is not free, unless you have no interest in doing end game instances, PvP and are happy to be at a huge in game disadvantage.

    ROM is intensely gear dependent and to be competitive (even slightly) you need diamonds, which cost money (indeed you will competing against some players who spend $1000+ a year) or gold (lots of gold) and be prepared to be ripped off in game as there is no secure trading.

    The game really is pay to win, also be prepared for the worst balance ever (some people refer to it as Scouts of Magic, scouts are very, very OP), also look forward to goldseller spam, bots, serious bugs that never get fixed, bad support, no communication from the developers, lag (the lag in siege is especially hilarious), basically a game that needs a complete overhaul.

    And to top that lot off the game looks to be dying, lots of people have left, they are asking for server merges, etc…

    Really if you want play a WoW clone either find another one or just play WoW, if you just one a real F2P then play LOTRO or something you only lose convenience to paid players in that game (+PvP, but allegedly that is also going f2p) as free player in that come end game it is a level playing field.

  8. EiledonTruevoice

    Thanks folks, as far as I can tell you helped me make my decision. I’m an avid LOTRO player and was thinking about buying the recent release of RoM I was pretty close to doing so but after reading these reviews I’m staying away! Thanks for the information and honest no hype oppinions based on obvious experience.

  9. poison

    Endless bugs, glitches, exploits and crashes. None ever get fixed except they’re to the disadvantage of the company.
    Not the slightest hint of class balance.
    Free to play is a bad joke, unless you plan on doing some questing and then leaving the game behind. It costs at least 250$ to get one set of gear to let you play the current endgame dungeons, triple that if you want to play a Knight. And come the next content update, you can throw all of that away and start over.
    I’m not the kind to care too much about graphics, but they are subpar and the graphics engine is extremely sluggish.
    That’s about all I have to say: stay away.

  10. Steve Johnson

    The game is badly glitched. I have been playing for 6 months, and stuff I pay for periodically vanishes.

    I’m actually quitting, I’m just not going to pay for stuff, and then buy it all over again. That is just ridiculous.

    This is my most recent ticket,

    been open for the better part of a month, don’t know if they are unwilling to fix this or what… dont really care. im thinking about wow….

  11. ilya

    thank you very mach! good game!

  12. Jimib

    I am an avid RoM player; you would think i would kiss the games b@tt…no I dint the many flaws mentioned here are real…..but those dogging on it DONT mention the good….let me give you a realistic breakdown

    1. Probably the best PvP event ever devised, a daily event siege warfare, any level can participate and help their guild, any help is appreciated by your guild in siege, you can place defenses for example
    2. Quests are fun and fun storyline…if you bother to care about such things, the epic line is hillarious, although most dont even pay attention…just into leveling as fast as they can
    3. Always new content……this MMO has hung on while others died simply cause they always release new content
    1.Talk about Gear driven…greed driven is more like it lol… arent squat unless you bought a few diamonds, and gear is EVERYTHING…75% gear 25% char development
    2. Like most MMO can be a bit of a grind, laggs a bit too, and too many classes become unbalanced.
    3. G.M, here is GM=Gone missing

  13. RoMPlayer

    Now I agree with the previous people to some extent, there are a few lag issues, I rarely see GMs in-game, and end-game is either VERY long time grinding, or pay diamonds to get gear. On the other hand, the diamonds in game are FREE! Yes, free; as in you can spend your gold made in game to buy it. You never have to spend a single real-world penny on this game. And there are a few bad eggs on servers, but I know many helpful friendly people on Reni server (mine) that helped me out LONG before I was in any guild or had any diamonds. For a FTP game, it’s one of the best I’ve played.

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