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The Zurhidon Fortress, a new raid instance in Runes of Magic, will open tomorrow for all players. The challenge for groups of 12 adventurers is part of the new content expansion, ‘The Gates of the Acropolis’, which will be up and running tomorrow on the free-to-play fantasy, massively multiplayer online role-playing game’s live servers.

With an additional epic quest series, an expansion of the plant system, new elite skills for Elven characters, and the launch of the Snowflake Festival, a winter in-game event for Christmas time, the update delivers a lot of new features. The core of 'Patch 2.1.5. – The Gates of the Acropolis’, is the Zurhidon Stronghold, a massive bulwark built by the Naga as a part of their gigantic Acropolis on the Aotulia Volcano. In amongst fiery lava streams, raid parties can explore the Zurhidon Stronghold, pressing on to uncover the secrets of its demonic inhabitants.

In this high level area, well-equipped players will eventually come face to face with Sirloth, envoy of the Demon Lord. As the dramatic battle progresses, the Demon Lord himself makes an appearance at the end of the instance. So with the release of the new update, the story of the arch-villain and eponymous antagonist of the first chapter ‘Rise of the Demon Lord’ continues.

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