Runes of Magic welcome the spring

In Runes of Magic, winter is slowly coming to an end. The residents of the massive online world are looking forward to the start of spring. Citizens of Taborea will now be able to celebrate the changing of the seasons with the ‘Masked Ball’ fancy dress party.

Ancient legend tells us that the Barbarians of Candara survived cruel winters in Taborea and worked hard to survive the harsh realities of the cold. When the weather finally changed, they would celebrate the prospect of a rich harvest for the year. The ‘Masked Ball’ will continue this age old tradition as barbarians will dress up to welcome in the spring in full party mode.

Frogster is going to invite the player community of Runes of Magic to take part in these celebrations. Daily quests and a game world decorated for spring awaits adventurers of all levels. Rewards include ornamental masks, transformation potions and all sorts of goodies including cakes and fruits that will restore life. The ‘Masked Ball’ will launch with the next update patch which will be deployed across the servers in March.

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