Runes of Magic: The 6,000 Euros Challenge

Last week, Frogster announced the new chapter for Runes of Magic, 'Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms'. To celebrate this announcement, all players are invited to participate in a large-scale hunt from Monday, 15th February through to Friday, 19th February. Six chosen ones among the opponents of a mighty sorcerer who appeared today in the fantasy online game will be each rewarded with 1,000 Euros.

A new threat looms over Taborea. Rumours of the presence of a powerful Zurhidon mage in some of the most remote regions of the kingdom reached Varanas. The Eye of Wisdom seems to be concerned about the machinations of the dangerous character after reports of its observers: he is supposed to attack the heroes to strip them of all their runes. Yarandor, First Mage of the Eye, issued wanted posters and put a price on the head of the villain, promising the moon and the stars to the player who can defeat the dark sorcerer's projects.

A new community event called 'The 6,000 Euros Challenge' will send players on the trail of this rising Zurhidon evil in order to face him one to one in a terrible battle. Every day until Friday, on all servers, the first player to challenge the terrible magician in a duel will be offered a bundle of items from the game's Item Shop which will help his progression in the world of Taborea.

But the rewards will not only be virtual objects. Every day, Frogster will offer 1,000 Euros to one of the most courageous who manages to find and engage in a duel with the Runewalker. The winner will be randomly selected once a day amongst players from all European servers who have challenged the Zurhidon sorcerer, whether they defeat him or not. But that is not the only to win, on Friday Frogster will draw lots among the Runes of Magic accounts which have logged into the game Monday - Friday and award 1,000 Euros to the winner.

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