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In the course of the multi-staged release of the second chapter of Runes of Magic, “The Elven Prophecy”, Frogster will publish an additional content update next week. In conjunction with the ‘Aotulia Volcano’ zone, the publisher is adding the ‘Cave of the Water Dragon’ into the live version of the fantasy game world. The new dungeon offers groups of up to six players at the level cap of 55 to experience a fresh setting with new challenges and treasure.

Groups of adventurers will find access to the ‘Cave of the Water Dragon’ across the ‘Throne of the Water’ in the ‘Weeping Coast’ region. During their quest, the elemental being Polython will transport them into the throne room of Zanordoth, the old king of the Water Dragons. His demented son Lytfir has awoken from a lengthy slumber. With heavy heart, King Zanordoth banished the water dragon to the darkest corner of the cave after he turned against his alliance with the humans, forged long ago.

Now, player groups have the task of sending the quick-tempered dragon back to rest. To achieve this goal, they need to collect several soul essences from around the instance. But there are some powerful elemental beings that make life difficult. The essences will let players receive a crystal ball from Zanordoth, which they can use to recapture Lytfir, sending him back to sleep.

A new teaser video highlighting the new dungeon is available at movies in the Runes of Magic's website.


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