Runes of Magic: New siege mode

Frogster has announced that the time for epic battles in Runes of Magic has now arrived. The introduction of Siege Wars will further expand the online world of Taborea as guilds compete against one another to capture their opponents’ castle. The upcoming content update on 11th March will see the launch of the beta phase of the new Player vs Player mode. The definitive launch of the Siege Wars will then follow with the launch of ‘Chapter III - The Elder Kingdoms’.

From the launch of Runes of Magic, guilds have been able to have their own strongholds, with building extensions and furnishings to complete their homes. To launch a Siege War all you need is two guilds, two castles and one simple objective – destroy your opponent and their castle. As a part of Chapter III, the Siege Wars will include new bonuses such as increased running speed and the ability to build an arsenal of weapons including catapults, rams and arrow throwers.

To succeed guilds will need to capture energy nodes on the battlefield to provide the necessary resources for the construction of battle weapons or towers. Should a team break through the enemy’s castle walls and make it to the throne room, then the defenders will have to protect the energy crystal which is kept there. If the team should seize all of the opponents’ crystals as well as their resource nodes, then the battle is won. Special rewards and titles beckon for victorious guilds.

From the launch of the feature, which will arrive on 11th March with the update ‘Patch 2.1.7. Siege Wars’, Runes of Magic players will have one month to give the battles a thorough test. Frogster will be ultimately implementing the new PvP mode into the online game world to its full extent within the framework of ‘Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms’.

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