Runes of Magic introduces new expanded card system

Frogster has announced the expansion of the trading card system in Runes of Magic with a new feature and 48 new monster cards.

In Runes of Magic, slain foes leave behind cards which provide specific attribute points alongside the usual monster information, which improve the basic stats of the player’s character. Each monster, including the notorious Demon Lord, will have a card which provides bonuses on character stats such as dexterity or stamina. These cards no longer simply act as trophies for the players but also provide valuable attribute upgrades. As well as the 48 new creatures which will be implemented in the first phase of this new release in Runes of Magic, there will also be over 800 different monsters in the so-called ‘Monster Compendium’. All these creatures will be listed in this compendium under ten categories including ‘Undead’ and ‘Beast’.

However, it is not simply through slaying monsters that players will be able to obtain these coveted monster cards. Trophy collectors and attribute hunters will also have the possibility of purchasing the cards from other players in auction houses or to trade them directly.

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