Runes of Magic in Arabic: CB tomorrow (10 CB accounts)


The Closed Beta of Runes of Magic, under the name of Runes of Might, will be up fully in arabic tomorrow, 8th April 2010.  If you want to be part of the biggest MMORPG launch in Egypt, KSA and middle east and you don't have got a key, here you will find your opportunity.  We offer ten accounts of the Closed beta to the faster players.  Grab your account and make it yours.  

1. cb2011  /  fhndf

2. cb2012  / 6d4dx

3. cb2013  /  hpkb6

4. cb2014  /  gx9v3

5. cb2015  /  q8trt

6. cb2016  /  7i9jm

7. cb2017  /  5rsg7

8. cb2018  / yu9u6

9. cb2019  /  kwnzc

10. cb2020  /  vpry7

Check here all you need to know about Runes of Magic. Visit the official arabic website

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