Runes of Magic: First stage of Chapter III

For the third chapter of Runes of Magic, publisher Frogster has planned several new challenges for player guilds in addition to comprehensive content expansions. Three new mini games within the guild drill grounds, new guild quests and stone walls for guild castles are being prepared for the multi-staged release of “Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms”. The new guild features will go live with the next patch in April including the new in-game monster card system. Further content of the first stage of Chapter 3 like the first region of the new continent “Zandorya”, the “Thunderhoof Hills” and the kingdom of “Dalanis”, with its impressive new cities and many new quests will follow soon.

Three new mini-games for guilds will be accessible in the first stage of the rollout of Chapter III through a new upgrade of the guild drill grounds in the guild castles. Players will be able to enter the new mini-game “Trial of the Spirit Warrior” by talking to the NPC Special Training Manager. On this drill ground, they will have 15 minutes to defeat as many monsters as possible . Any player who manages to survive two waves of monster attacks, will face several strong boss opponents. When starting the mini game, players can use one of three stances equipped with different special skills. A sword will enhance physical attacks, a shield reinforces physical and magic resistance and a staff facilitates magical attacks. As a reward for successfully completing the “Trial of the Spirit Warrior”, players will receive honor points that can be exchanged for valuable armor pieces with special NPCs in the Obsidian Stronghold.

The mini-game “Needle Drill” sends players on a square course of 25 fields. Using a random system, steel prickles puncture the ground and relentlessly drain health points from the player. The more needles the player avoids, the more honor points he will collect. After successfully completing the third stage of this drill ground, bonus sigils randomly appear on the floor that can be picked up by skilled players. The sigil “Drill Reward” grants them additional honor points. “Divine Protection Reward” lends players a shield to use against further pin-pricks, the “Healing Reward” allows players to regain health points and the “Godspeed Reward” provides them with an extra speed buff.

In the third new mini-game “Call of the Horns” players enter a battle between two NPC factions, the indulgent “Whitefurs” and the evil but stronger “Blackhorns”. After choosing a side, a fierce skirmish will occur, in which the goal will be to destroy the enemy’s flag within 10 minutes.

Besides the three new mini-games Runewaker has added six new guild quests in the first stage of Runes of Magic Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms. Like the previous six guild quests, players will receive the new missions through the ”Guild Quest Bulletin Board“ in their guild castle. They can choose to do the guild quests alone or in groups, but are limited to complete one guild quest per day. Rubies, crystals and special Guild Quest Packages will reward successful players.

A new upgrade for the guild castles will also be available with release of the first patch of Runes of Magic Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms. Guilds will be able to enhance the wooden palisades of their strongholds to stone walls, which do not only look much more impressive, but will receive attributes in the course of Chapter III that grant them a better protection and stability for the guild wars between guild castles.

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