Runes of Magic adds a swamp as new zone

Together with the main release of  ‘Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms’ on the 18th May, the miry wastes of the ‘Southern Janost Forest’ open up in the North West Thunderhoof Hills. The new zone in Runes of Magic contains multiple new quests for adventurers who have reached character level 57.

The stifling air of the Southern Janost Forest hangs damp and dull and the swampy landscape is full of dangers to intrepid explorers. This is the home of the principality of Shador, a forest dwelling people who have perfected the art of bow and arrow combat. Long ago, the mother of the race, Jenny ‘The Thousand Feathers’ Giant, was a close ally to King Kalume. However, over the centuries, the glitter of the race deteriorated and now Thousand Feathers’ descendants wage battle against the brutal forces from Warnorken Castle. The bastion of the barbarous Baron Reuen von Jura is the source of all evil in the Southern Janost Forest. But, brave adventurers – dispatched by the child king Callaway – now gather in the swamps and seek solidarity with the noble people of Shador.

Players will first need to win the trust of the shy forest folk. In the the Southern Janost Forest there are abundant missions in which adventurers have to win the favor of the Shador. The zone boasts with over 100 new quests which relay the history of the swampy region. These can be experienced beginning May 18th.

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