ROSE Online has announced that upcoming expansion, Sea of Dawn arrives on August 7th

Gravity Interactive, has announced the launch of the ROSE Online's upcoming expansion, Sea of Dawn. Beginning August 7th, players can for the first time begin a new story arc, which brings back a fearsome enemy but with the hope of freeing the precious Goddess Luna.

Sea of Dawn introduces a number of game changes, including an increased level cap, new and exciting equipment, the sharpest weapons yet, and numerous quests including a new arc to the Hero's Quest, the main storyline of ROSE Online.

Aeons before the Magic City of Eucar was founded, the shamanistic ways dominated the land; under the guidance of the Moon Pastors, who faithfully followed the benevolent Goddess Luna, she entrusted man with wisdom and power beyond normal mortal capabilities. This unparalleled peace and prosperity was not to last as one of the Shamans, Laguz, stumbled upon the Teiwaz Doctrine, which paved the way for the dark God Hebarn to corrupt the charismatic Laguz with promises of limitless control.

By the time the other Shamans discovered his treachery, it was too late, and Laguz quickly took over or killed the Shamanistic order, and sealed the helpless Goddess Luna away, deep within the Sea of Dawn. Thus began the age of Dark Shamans, which finally fell after the rise of the current-day Arumics. But the damage was done, and despite their best magical efforts, it seemed Luna could not be retrieved from the terrible spell which sealed her away.

Now, a new age has dawned for Rosearians, as the Goddess Arua has charged her warriors with the task of freeing her sister Luna, and her followers have successfully re-created the bridge which leads to her prison. Luna has waited patiently in her icy prison, saddened by all she sees; will you be the one to bring the first smile in ages to her face?

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