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Developed by YNK Korea for Windows.


Rohan: Blood Feud by YNK Interactive, is a free "massively multiplayer online role playing game" for PC set in a rich and expansive online world. As one of the first mature rated MMORPGs, its gory battles, vengeance hit-list, and provocative costumes combined with its intricate and elaborate graphics, will keep players on the edge of their gaming seats.


- Challenging quests; characters in each town have lots of work for adventurers.
- Friends or fair game; attack others for riches and experience! But be careful, if bodies pile up too high, town security will be after you.
- Vengeance;  slain by another player? Your killers will appear on your Hit List for reference. Teleport to them instantly (alone or with friends) for a shot at revenge!
- Township battles; gather your guild and meet on the Battlefield to wage civil war with the ruling guilds. To the victorious guild goes the spoils.
- Pets and mounts; find a companion to help you along your journey, whether it’s a cute pet to assist in your battles, or a trusty mount to get you where you need to go.
- Personalize; cut or color your hair, pierce your ears, add a mysterious scar on your face, learn a new dance, get a new wardrobe. Lots of options are available.


Once players reach level 30, they gain the ability to attack other players for gain of riches and (in the case of dhan's in assasination mode) experience. They will also be susceptible to the same. PvP battles includes any fight against another player, including 1 on 1 fights, guild battles, and township battles. PK will not be an option until the player reaches level 30.

Characters in game have a hit list to refer to. Player Killers are listed and the player can teleport to them. Previous 50 killers of the player are listed. A party will be teleported with the person who vengeanced. Dhans can not be vengeanced by a party.


Human (Knight) – Toughest race, best suited for a tanking role. Specializes in melee combat.

Elf (Healer) – Mainly support race. Elves specialize in healing and buffing their allies though they also maintain many offensive spells.

Half Elf (Archer) – Ranged damage dealer. Half Elves you bows or crossbows to inflict heavy damage from a distance. Half Elves make excellent soloers but can also assist others.

Dhan (Assassin) – Rohan’s specialty assassin race, Dhans can activate a special assassin mode where they can attack other players at will and gain experience from defeating them. In this mode, Dhan’s cannot party or complete quests.

Dekan (Dragon Fighter) – Dekan are offensive spell casters who have the ability to drain hp from their opponent and transform into dragons.

Dark Elf (Mage) – Powerful spell casters. Dark Elves are the traditional heavy nukers of Rohan. Dark Elves also have a number of curse and debuff spells at their disposal.

Halfling ( Not Yet Released ) - Not much is known about this secretive race, other than the fact that they immerse themselves with nature and creatures. This leads many to assume that they will be a type of summoner or shape-shifter.


Pets in the game do not fight. However, they aid players in battle by boosting abilities. Pets can level up after being fed a certain amount, this will boost the specific pets abilities. A pet can get to level 3, but no higher. A pet can die in Rohan due to negligence and can only be revived by a cash shop item. A pet can be bought from either the pet merchant in any major town, or from cash shop.


OS: Windows 2000 SP 4,Windows98 SE
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz, AMD Sempron 2.0Ghz
RAM: 512MB
HDD: 6.0 GB
Graphics Card: Geforce FX, Radeon 9600 128MB
DirectX: 9.0c

Website: Rohan: Blood Feud

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