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Free to play MMORPG


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In Rodinia War players will experience a novel combination of real time base building strategy and 3-D quest focused fantasy MMORPG controlling their own characters, this unique blend offers different avenues into what ultimately becomes a PVP focused endgame content where players fight for control of territory. Accessible through Safari, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox (with Chrome to be added soon) meaning that no bulky client download, and all for free.


  • Control your own city as a Lord

  • Improve your city and constructs numerous buildings

  • Train and army and conquer your rivals in strategic combat

  • Expand your territory competing against other players

  • Hire Knights and control them in MMORPG environments

  • Play in your web browser

  • Free to play


The games core is ultimately about domination and territory control between competing player Lords, able to construct their own cities, expand their borders and train up entire armies to defend them and help acquire new ones. The primary strategy content of the game focuses on the Empire building aspects revolving around classical resource management whilst building up your own city, upgrading buildings and unlocking new features. Meanwhile players can also hire their own Knights, individual playable characters that can be controlled in a 3-D MMO RPG environment, able to move around, pick up quests and take on a variety of enemies in battle to gain extra resources and help improve the Empire.


With resources and time players are able to construct different buildings that will give access to new features, upgrading buildings increase their efficiency providing greater benefits to a Lord and the city:

  • Town Hall - with this building players are able to construct numerous other buildings and as it is upgraded the construction time to upgrade those buildings is reduced

  • Knight Mansion - here Lords are able to hire Knights to fight for them, lead their armies and manage their cities as magisters as well as: daring adventures

  • Resource Production Buildings - coming in various shapes and sizes the Lumber Camps, Quarries, Farms and Iron Mines provide a constant source of resources to the city that can be utilised by a Lord to upgrade buildings and train units

  • Storage Buildings - the more resources a Lord has the more room they will need to store them, however stored resources that aren’t put away in the Secrets Storage are vulnerable to raids from other players and can be pillaged

  • Troop Recruitment Buildings - in various buildings are required for Lords to train up a diverse army capable of dealing with any situation and any type of enemy, whether Cavalry trained at the Stables, Wizards trained at the Illusion Tower or Siege Weapons constructed in the Workshop and army will need a good range of troops to be successful


Through the different Troop Buildings players can train up a new variety of troops, with each unit having others that it is stronger or weaker against respectively:

  • Scouts – perfect non-combatants and use stealth and subterfuge to seek out their enemies and discover information about their strengths and weaknesses before a Lord launches an attack

  • Archers - powerful ranged infantry armed with a bow they are extremely strong defenders against any charging Gladiator melee troops but are weak against Heavy Cavalry

  • Heavy Cavalryman - the strongest defensive troops equipped with heavy plate armour they are an almost unstoppable force on the battlefield

  • Battering Ram - able to smashed down Castle walls that makes the defending units are vulnerable to attacks during a siege


Combat falls into two different systems based on the Empire strategy where players can attack rival settlements and choose which of their available units they wish to send in force to take such a target, or use their troops to defend their own territories. In the Knight MMORPG content players will enjoy a classically typical MMO RPG third person combat style able to perform a variety of attacks and skills from hot bar attacks, all of which can be upgraded with talent points which are required as the Knight levels up.


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