Rock Hippo Productions has announced that Brawl Busters and MicroVolts will host some olympic events

Rock Hippo Productions has announced that Brawl Busters and MicroVolts, will host Micro-Lympics and Brawlympics events. Both events will run through August 12th.

Busters worldwide can also look forward to a slew of exciting Brawlympic competitions. Players will strive to earn the most EXP in the Marathon event, top Boxers will face off in a Team Deathmatch tournament, quick brawlers will take on Zombie Survival in Sprint, sharp-shooters will compete for the Archery medals, and teamwork will be put to test in Relay Race. The top three Crews of the Brawlympics will win the highly-coveted and rare Lightning outfit set for each Crew member.

MicroVolters can participate in 5 events to earn Micro-lympic Points for their clan that can translate into huge grand prizes including a Gold, Silver or Bronze Weapon Set. Events will include all the Olympic favorites including a Relay race as players try to grab five batteries in the fastest time from the enemy's base, a Diving contest to master the most fanciful dive from the top of the Toy Fleet map and a Shooting competition to aim for the most hits on the jumping GMs as they bounce off trampolines.

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