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Robomaniac is a F2P MMO RPG, Browser Game developed by Yeps! GameStudio.

A humorous MMO with lovingly designed graphics and a compelling story sets the backdrop for an exciting RPG with casual gameplay elements and competitive content options. Robomaniac is a 2D RPG where players controls robot “BOTs” in a distant future and are tasked with building up a life for their newly awoken metal avatars.

On the distant alien planet of Centerra a great cataclysm forced the humans to abandoned the colonies and lives they had built up for themselves, leaving behind their homes, technology and their robots. Decades have now passed since the humans abandoned the planet and the ruins of their city is all that remain. Inexplicably the BOTs that had been left behind have begun to awaken and are now looking to forge a civilization of their own.

Whether going at it solo and being an explorer, putting in your hours at the factory, or building up a business to trade with other players the game provides some casual options for players that are low stress with no time requirements. For other players the game provides a wealth of competitive content and PVP rivalries, particularly in the Sports Management focused PVP combat with league based battles for individuals or gangs of robots. Those looking to build up a battle ready BOT will have plenty of options to choose from with a wide selection of customizable parts ranging from power sources and drive modules, to a large number of armor and weapon options.

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