Robin joins Infinite Crisis roster


Turbine has announced that from December 18 Infinite Crisis players will enjoy a new character: the inseparable companion of Batman, Robin. To celebrate it Turbine have released a new video which highlights Robin's acrobatic abilities. As an acrobatic support, Robin empowers his allies and disrupts his enemies with devastating team-fight setups.

Born with the drive to make the world a better place, Robin's keen mind and martial prowess make him far more than a mere sidekick. When Batman's previous apprentice was slain, Tim Drake resolved to become the next Robin. Studying Batman and his associates, Tim eventually linked a move used by Nightwing to one performed by a circus performer named Dick Grayson. Once that piece fell into place, Batman's identity became evident and Tim approached Bruce Wayne with his request. Initially resistant, Bruce agreed after an impassioned argument from Nightwing.

IC Robin  RW2 IC Robin  RW3 IC Robin  RW4 IC Robin  RW5

Source of information: Turbine press release.


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