Rise of Mythos is now live!

GameFuse has launched today its competitive online collectible trading card MMO Rise of Mythos. The game brings the players to a world filled with mythical creatures and monsters where they must battle to protect the city of Silver Heron Ridge from encroaching evil forces.

Players can also group up with friends to take on powerful boss fights, compete in an ongoing Player vs Player (PvP) tournament that pits players against their opponents in highly strategic turn based combat, and attempt to climb to the top of Ascension Tower, fighting through 50 levels of increasingly difficult PvE Challenges. In addition, the game offers 4 different classes with 7 distinct factions, an auction house that allows players to buy and sell items, and a crafting system that enables players to fuse, combine, and extract different units in order to assemble their own unique and powerful army.


  • Uniquely Customizable Deck – Collect and enhance hundreds of creature and skill cards

  • 4 Classes with 7 Distinctive Races – Choose between four different classes and build your deck with cards from seven distinct factions

  • PvP Arena – Compete in 1v1 battles or group up with friends to face off against a number of opponents

  • Challenge Mode – Take on powerful bosses in Challenge Hall with up to 3 other players.

  • Ascension Tower – Fight your way through 50 levels of increasingly powerful enemies to claim victory.

  • Crafting System – Experience the freedom of creating, fusing, combining, and extracting in order to construct increasingly powerful cards

  • Auction House – Use the in-game auction house to buy and sell unique items and special cards with other players

  • Guild Hall – Build friendships and assemble a team to advance your guild and unlock special in-game bonuses

  • Strategic and Tactical – Building a deck is not enough; you’ll need strategy, skill, and a little luck to crush your opponents

Information source: Gamefuse press release.

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