RiotZone has presented a new update that features a brand new daily mission

Mail.Ru Games, has presented some fresh features for their free2play browser game RiotZone. In the daily mission "Picnic at the lakeside" commanders fight the dictator's elite sniper unit "Black Panthers". In addition, the clan interface has received some updates. From now on players have the opportunity to see what their fellow members did while they were away. Finally, Commanders who love shopping can take a look at the boots that have just arrived in the store.

Femmes fatales - Reconnaissance troops have spotted the dictator's elite unit "Black Panthers" taking a rest at the lakeside of "El Lago". This all-female squad may consist of beautiful and kind-looking women, but commanders are not easily fooled: these women know neither regret nor mercy. Rumor has it, that even the legendary members Clara and Rosa are taking part in the little picnic. For those successful in defeating the "Black Panthers" tokens promise new equipment.

With the quest "Picnic at the lakeside" all other daily special missions like "Dr. Valentino" and "Anniversary of the revolution" will end. Captured tokens from these quests can still be exchanged for gear.

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