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A fusion of magic meets machine, RF Online or Rising Force Online is a client based free to play MMORPG that throws the player into the middle of a planet spanning war and playing as one of the three major races involved in the conflict. The planet of Novus resources are depleting and civilizations that have long been at peace must now battle for more than supremacy; they fight for survival. An in depth MMORPG with some original twists on classic game mechanics, RF Online is a unique story driven game with the perfect blend of fantasy and sci-fi.


On the planet Novus a conflict for resources has broken out after thousands of years of peace. The unique differences that separate the races engaged in this endless battle are now their main ally out on the battlefield. The Cora Holy Alliance with their connections to the spirits and higher powers, the machines of the Accretia Empire and their technological superiority and the Bellato Union, driven by science and discovery who adopt aspects of both their foes spirit and tech.


- Three races to choose from: Accretia Empire, Bellato Union and Cora Holy Alliance
- Four original classes: Warrior, Specialist, Ranger and Spiritualist
- Instanced “Battle Dungeons” where the party race against the clock
- Player crafter items from numerous craft and resource gathering skills
- Level based progression, unique Promotion ranks available as players level up
- Numerous PvP opportunities


There are three races available in RF Online; Accretia, Bellato and Cora. Each race has a different philosophy and culture that defines their civilization, their unique aspects and traits setting them apart from their rivals.

The Accretia focus on technology and are machine constructs, some of who are able to use the powerful “Launchers” exclusively available to their race; devastating rocket propelled weapons that do amazing damage.

The Cora focus their minds and spirit to commune with their god Desem, and through this contact many of their number are able to summon forth higher powers known as Anima, powerful beings that will give great aid to their masters.

The Bellato have embraced both spirit and technology in the pursuit of science and knowledge. Their people have developed powerful mechanised suit, MAUs, once used for science research, but now used as battle armour in their war.


There are four classes in RF Online; Warrior, Specialist, Ranger and the Spiritualist, which is not available to the mechanized Accretia Empire. Each class branches off at level 30 into one of two options focusing on different “Promotions” and then further specialisation at level 40. Whilst the classes mirror each other in many ways across all three races, their skills and abilities (along with the names of their Promotion specializations) are completely different.

Warrior – Typically focusing on two-handed weapons or one-handed with a shield.

Ranger – Ranged classes focusing on short and long distance weapons, or scout traps and long range. The Accretias’ “Gunner” Promotion gives access to the races unique “Launcher” weapons.

Spiritualist – Magic casters that draw their powers from the elements forces. The “Summoner” from the Holy Cora is able to call forth the “Anima” to aid their faction.

Specialist – A class focusing primarily on crafting and resource gathering to build weapons. The Bellato have a specialised “Driver” that operates the mech MAU armoured suits.


By acquiring a gateway generator a party is able to open up a gateway portal to a Battle Dungeon, a unique instanced dungeon with its own objective and a time limit to complete it in. Able to accommodate eight players the objectives follow the lines of “Kill the Dungeon Boss” or “Killof Monsters” as well as the more unique “Solve the Puzzle”. If completed within the time limit, usually around 30 minutes, the group is rewarded; however if they complete their objective but not within the specified time frame then they receive nothing for their efforts making it a true race against the clock.


The three primary ways for players to engage in PvP are through Guild Scrambles, Regional Chip Wars and the “Regulation System Warfare” Chip Wars, enabling guild, solo or RvR (Race v Race) battles.

Guild Scrambles are staged battles between guilds, setting a map, time and place to meet and putting up gold fee to join, guilds can engage in an “American Football” style battle where they must use a gravity stone to the goal to score points.

Regional Chip Wars are the most accessible areas for PvP, highlighted areas in the world that are used for world PvP, flipping players characters flag and making them attackable if they enter. Suited to those who prefer some solo or team focused world PvP.

The “Regulation System Warfare” Chip Wars are the larger epic RvR battles that take place at three set times during the day. During this time players battle to protect their base and assault their enemies, the victor opening up a unique “Holystone” and the exclusive rights to mine unique resources from it.


Pentium/Athlon 800 Mhz
256 MB RAM
Windows 98SE/2000/XP
3.5GB Hard Disk Space
DirectX 9.0C
Broadband internet connection 128kbps or higher
DirectX compatible soundcard
Supported Direct 3D compatible Video Card
Minimum video cards: ATI 8500 or Geforce 3 or above (not MX)

Website: RF Online

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