Reloaded Productions has released the version 1.9.0 for the action MMO APB Reloaded

Reloaded Productions has released the version 1.9.0 for the action MMO APB Reloaded. The update 1.9.0 introduces new Joker Tickets that gives players new ways to earn items without spending money, unlockable titles and improvements to the Fight Club Challenges

The key features of the Update include:

1. Joker Tickets – A brand new way to earn Armas items, without spending a dime. Players earn these valuable tickets through Fight Club challenges and redeem them for invaluable loot, including Armas weapons, outfits, vehicle and brand new titles.
2. Unlockable Titles – Players can show off their street cred with new, unlockable Titles. These preset titles appear under the character’s name and are based on ranks, roles and achievements.
3. Fight Club Challenge and Social District Enhancements – Tons of gameplay, challenge and security optimizations and enhancements. New to the Social District is the Joker distribution where players can use their Joker tickets and buy items from new NPCs, Ophelia and Wilde.

The APB juggernaut keeps on rolling and we are really excited to see so many new players join San Paro every day.” said Myra Widodo, producer for APB Reloaded. “As a special thank you we’re giving away 1 day of free Premium and 400 Joker tickets to all players who want to check it out! The free Premium code can be found in the Armas Marketplace: Simply login, redeem and enjoy 1.9.0! Just make sure to enjoy the free Premium before it expires on July 31st 2012 at 11:59pm (PDT).

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