Regnum Online: revamp of all character models and french servers

 The graphical overhaul of Regnum Online that started with a new engine featuring dynamic shadows is now complete with the total revamp of all character models. The new characters in Regnum are now much more lifelike featuring a greater level of detail, facial expressions and improved animation. Also, a much deeper level of customization has been added including skin tone, tattoos and scars.

“We feel our characters have been the one thing lagging in Regnum. With this dramatic improvement we move to a new level affecting not only the looks but engagement and game play as well” said Andrés Chilkowski, General Manager of NGD Studios.

In addition, Regnum continues to expand by launching new markets. This time it is France coming online and the French users that gets to play in its own World and enjoy the game in their own language. Gamigo is NGDs key European partner and has previously successfully launched Regnum in Germany where the game enjoys great success with thousands playing daily.

“Germans have enjoyed Regnum for quite some time already, however this is completely different. With the continued improvements Regnum has taken hold as one of our leading games and this latest in enhancements just furthers that success. We are now taking Regnum to France and hope to add other European markets as well” said Patrick Streppel, CMO at Gamigo, a leading German game publisher owned by Axel Springer.

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