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Set in a 2-D fantasy realm, this fantasy massively multiplayer role-playing game offers an epic and compelling story in which players immerse as adventures setting off to a journey across the perilous lands to discover hazardous dungeons and battle mighty beings. There are 8 classes to choose from, each one providing the opportunity to convert into an alternative role to have access to different skills and abilities.


  • Fantasy adventure of epic proportions

  • 8 distinct classes with an alternative to transform into


Several centuries ago, The Day of the Red Sky made the skies crumble and the world burn. Rumour had it that it wasn’t the heavens but a massive red stone that smashed down to the soil, shattering into a myriad of pieces. While there’s no evidence of it to date as all those fragments inexplicably vanished, people still can’t stop talking about it. While some say the mysterious stone provides untold riches and everlasting youth, there are also warnings that it might be too dangerous to try to get hold of it.


Players are able to choose among 8 distinct classes to play as throughout the game, each of which grants the opportunity to switch to another role that almost functions like a stand-alone class. Depending on their selected form, the different classes are characterised by different stats, which requires some tactical thinking and weighing up the situation before transforming. These are the 8 classes and their alternative forms:

Magician/Werewolf – Originating from the town of Smug where the arcane arts are common enough to be taught in academies, Magicians are powerful sorcerers with exceptional skills. What makes them stand out even more is their ability to transform into Werewolves.

Necromancer/Demon - Capable of rising and controlling the dead as well as hindering their foes with potent curses, Necromancers are Demons from the underworld that disguise their true identity. Some of them even lost the entirety of their daemonic powers.

Princess/Little Witch - The existence of all these princesses is often traced back to the womanizer Tatcrapt Kizer Straus as their common father. They can utilise powerful charms and confusion abilities against their opponents and may alternatively convert to a Little Witch which enhances their magical powers.

Thief/Monk – As trap-finders, treasure hunters or spies, Thieves fill the essential role of the specialist in any party, although often frowned upon by others. Those who are nimble and deft with their hands and decide to become Monks learn to use pressure points to inflict great damage upon their enemies.

Tamer/Summoner - A plethora of mighty beings roams the wilderness of Prandel. While Tamers concentrate on rather natural creatures, learning to communicate and tame even the wildest beasts, Summoners make use of divine creatures, whose spirit and body manifest the four elements, to their own ends.

Priest/Fallen Angel - Banished from their celestial world, Fallen Angels are divine beings that took on the role of priests, joining churches all over the realm. Although their wings are broken, they still maintained their spiritual strength and celestial powers.

Archer/Lancer – Coming from Prandel’s matriarchal tribes, these deadly long-ranged female fighters are masters of the bow and arrow. Their Lancer abilities are equally powerful, making them formidable enemies on the battlefield with their long lethal spears.

Squire/Warrior – While some prefer a combination of one-handed sword and shield and others rely on larger two-handed swords, all knights and Squires of Brunenstig are proficient fighters. The best Warriors are capable of mastering both styles to freely switch between them in dependence of what best suits the situation.


Red Stone features 3 types of quests: general quests, title quests and main quests.

General quests - Found all over the world, these standard quests provide players with extra benefits such as XP, items and treasures.

Title quests - These quests allow characters to gain extremely helpful abilities and skills, completing them will turn out as an advantage later on.

Main quests – These unfold the main storyline that will take players on an epic adventure across the lands to seek the Red Stone.


OS: Windows 2000 or above
CPU: P3 1GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Graphics: GeForce Ti4200 or higher
Sound: Sound Blaster compatible
DirectX Version: 9.0c

Website: Red Stone

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  1. Adam Martin

    I played redstone for 3 years and spent hunreds or dollars. I dont believe that 1 gold premy is payment for 3 years of game play i lost MANY!levels and Unique items and deserve much more. I dont think that equipment is to far of a strech for compensation. I want somethin from ur fortune box for each account. a safe cage & anti-charger with 1/2 health for both recon420 and banditko420. I’ll be lookin forward to your e-mail on this subject and thank you very much for your time. More account info avaible pending responce

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