Rappelz: new pvp zone

gPotato Europe is proud to announce that Rappelz, the free-to-play fantasy game boasting over 3,000,000 players worldwide, is on the verge of a new era with the introduction of a new PvP zone and three brand new eye-catching creatures as part of the Resurrection expansion, to be released at the end of February 2010 in Europe.

The new PvP zone will enable players to fight up to 64 opponents at the same time, while the new creatures will be the fellow companions of the players of the Resurrection expansion pack, each with their own special powers.

The White Unicorn, the legendary magical beast, can heal every wound, even mortal ones, and is also able to blind its master’s enemy temporarily by a flash shock effect. It is the answer to many an adventurer’s prayers as it’s designed to serve its master loyally to the end. It is ready to enhance his masters abilities and to resurrect him with a certain amount of HP and MP after fatal fights by sacrificing its own abilities. High level players can use it as a mount, once they gained its heart. The White Unicorn will evolve to the Silver Unicorn and Holy Unicorn during the course of the game.

The Dark Soul, whose body was once pure white and is now dreadfully transformed into a dark red by the infinite flames, radiating through its hooves, is still full of goodness and beauty. It promises to rebuff the destructive attacks of the Witch with its dark power and once it has pierced its enemy with its horn, can bleed it to death with the power of darkness. It’s available to mount for high level players and will evolve to the Prominence Soul and Infernal Soul.

The Mystic Genie, the powerful demon, the master of the magic and agility comes from the mysterious sands of the Ceriu desert. Once captured and imprisoned, the Mystic Genie will be loyal to its master for the rest of the adventure. With the ability of commanding the wind, it can confine and incapacitate its enemies. Its further evolution stages are Mystique Storofel and Mystique Enlil.

One of the most eagerly-anticipated features of the Resurrection expansion, the new PvP zone called the Death Match Zone, is now ready to be premiered. Players can challenge either the players on their own rank or those on a higher level. Players can enter the Death Match Zone any time in order to fight against each other. There’s no need to fear death as everyone will resurrect after it again.

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