Rappelz: Epic VI Resurrection, the last chapter of the Epic VI!

gPotato Europe is proud to announce the new upcoming Rappelz expansion “Resurrection” in French, German, Turkish, Polish and Italian which will be available at the end of February. It will bring a fresh and inspiring breeze into the game and perfects the high level content for players.

As a sequel to the Golden Monarch expansion, Resurrection promises an unequaled journey of discovery as players uncover the many myths in Rappelz .The story of Rappelz began with the three factions Asura, Gaia and Deva hunting the witch together by strengthening their bonds and gaining the support of the Gods of Rappelz. In this new update, adventurers will have to defy the witch and her fierce servants all along of their exploits.

The Rappelz community all across the Europe will be able to enjoy the adventure and taste the peerless game experience in Rappelz, with the new PvP system which will allow the players to fight against each other, 3 new powerful creatures and many thrilling quests.

The rich PvP experience is improved with a brand new death match zone, an area surrounded by magic where players will be able to train their skills and defeat each other as often as they want. Players will be able to confront up to 64 opponents at the same time, making this zone to one of the major features of Resurrection.

Three new creatures have also been introduce and are awaiting their masters. The Mystic Genie; the new form of genie with specialized magic and agility, the White Unicorn, a pure and holy feeling creature and the Dark Soul; the black version of white unicorn that you can feel dark power through burning fire from it. Tame the creatures and they will support you with their extraordinary skills in the battles ahead.

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