Rappelz epic 7: new features & creature enhancements

The new Rappelz's Epic 7: Awakening expansion includes many new features and exciting new content.  From ferocious Nightmares, fierce Dragons, undead Skeletons, and vicious Orcs, to mystical Pixies, enchanting Sirens, and sly Genies – Rappelz takes MMO companion systems to the next level!
Epic 7 introduces an all new Creature Enhancement System, to provide players with an entirely new way to upgrade Rappelz’s legendary combat pets.  By combining two tamed creature pets of the same type, it is possible to generate a much stronger creature.  Once your pet is upgraded, users will get to experience increased stats, additional item slots, additional job points, new skills, and a brand new look.
In addition to the new Creature Enhancement System, Rappelz will also be introducing a new pet like no other: the Death Tyrant.  This vengeful spirit is more than just rusty metal.  A dignified knight who suffered great injustice before his untimely death, his soul remains as haunted suit of armor.  Filled with revenge and spite for those responsible for his demise, the Death Tyrant uses all of his skills to bring down his foes.  Able to deal significant damage, the Death Tyrant can decay the flesh of his enemies, turning their skin into rot, rendering them Undead.
But creatures are not the only ones to benefit from Epic 7; guilds will also be greeted with a number of new changes and features.   Guilds leaders will now be able to create ranks for their guild, allowing guild members varying types of access and powers depending on their assigned title.  Additionally, new UI features let guild members view all of their dungeon raid information easily.

Check here all you need to know about Rappelz. And visit its official website.

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