Rappelz: closed beta in Italy

Gala Networks Europe has announced that Rappelzits first fully localised Italian language game enters Closed Beta this week. Between Tuesday 23rd February and Tuesday 2nd March, players across the world will be able to join over three million players who have played Rappelz with fully localised Italian content and community features, backed up by the Italian customer support team.

During the Closed Beta week, players who win the level 20 challenges will be able to keep their name, their friends lists as well as getting an exclusive item pack for the OBT containing the Red Lydian mount for 30 days, an Adventurer Cloak and two stamina savers. There will be a wipe of player data and friend lists for those who do not reach level 20; inventory, creature and guilds will also be erased for everyone.

Read here all you need to know about Rappelz.

Visit the official website of Rappelz.

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