Rappelz arrives to Italy

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Gala Networks Europe, the leading online games publisher that operates the gPotato.eu game portal, is proud to announce the launch of the free-to-play MMORPG Rappelz Italian official website. Boasting over three million players worldwide, the critically acclaimed MMORPG will be available for free to Italian players with fully localized game and dedicated servers on the official website.

The game will be fully translated in Italian and will be supported by an Italian team from Gala Networks Europe. The closed beta is scheduled to start during the third week of February 2010 and will last for two weeks. At the end of the closed beta phases, players who have reached the level 20 will be able to keep their name, friend list and they will receive a unique gift, for the Open Beta phase which will be commence at the beginning of March, shortly followed by the official release without any character deletion. The Italian release version of Rappelz will feature the forthcoming expansion Ep. 6: Resurrection, adding new content and features.

Read here all you need to know to play Rappelz.


Visit italian Rappelz's website. Also, you can visit german Rappelz's website, french Rappelz's website and polish Rappelz's website.

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