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Real-life, school RPG Ran Online which has been developed and serviced by the Online Game Developer Mincommunications Inc. has made announcement that Ran Online is on Open Beta from September 23rd at 9:00 Ran Time (GMT+9).

Ran Online has prepared various events to celebrate its OBT. First, attendance check event called “INTOC Award” for 2 weeks period from the 23rd, users will be given various awards by their accumulated days of attendance and ‘WSE Event’ which will be rewarding rare armor (+9) for top leveled characters of each school and class is also prepared.

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The plot revolves around four universities: Leonair, Phoenix, Sacred Gate and Mystic Peak. These universities were founded by the Sacred Financial Group. These schools were protected from outside corrupting forces by force fields. One day, Leonair's force fields failed and the entire population of the school turned into the undead overnight. Students from the three remaining schools are trained in fighting techniques for them to survive outside the safety of their school's force fields. Outside the school, the students kill corrupted beings and students of other schools, and the plot unfolds through quests.the student will attack the other school student to show who the stronger between 3 school. twice a week there will be a war between all guild in the school to choose who will be dominating the place including trading hole, sacred gates, pheonix hole, and mystic peak.


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