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Developed by Softnyx for Windows.


Rakion is a fast paced 3D fantasy action MMO with a third person camera view. Chose from five classes and battle it out against other players or work together in co-op mode. The game graphics are not impressive but considering the file size, Rakion packs quite a punch. Rakion has a lobby where players can host or join rooms hosted by others.


  • Deathmatch (Solo): A Solo Deathmatch is a free-for-all variation of team deathmatch. All players are on their own and the first player to achieve a specified amount of kills is declared the winner.

  • Deathmatch (Teamplay): These are similar to Solo Deathmatches, except that the players are separated into teams.

  • Golem War: Players are assigned to a team in this mode. Each team has a Master Golem. Located somewhere in the map is the Golden Golem. The objective is to destroy the opponent's Master Golem, but only the person that kills the Gold Golem can do significant damage to the other team's Master Golem. To prevent teams "stealing" the Gold Golem from each other, it has separate health for each team. Unlike the other PvP modes, slain players do not respawn, and a team can also lose when all their players have been defeated. If the time runs out and both Master Golems are still alive, the team with the Golem with more health wins the round.

  • Boss War: This is a team-based headhunter fight. Each team has a player who's the "boss" that they must protect at all costs; if the boss dies then the team loses the game.

  • Stage: A co-operative game mode for 1 to 4 players (depending on the stage) that lets you play a PvE mission. After completing a stage, you get a grade ranging from S, A, B, C, or D, depending on how fast you complete the objective. Stages can not be repeated for more rewards, but can be redone for a higher rank.

  • Basic Mode: A setting which can be assigned to any non-stage game. All players' stats are as if they were level 1 for the duration of the game. No cells can be summoned in this mode aside from the lowest level cell, the Nak. Stats from equipment still applies.


There are 5 pre set characters to chose from, each with ranged and melee attack modes and a different distribution of six key stats.

Warrior - Warriors use a longsword in close combat and throwing knives from a distance. They are considered the most balanced class and make an ideal choice for beginners.

Archer - Archers are equipped with a gladius which is useful in melee combat but the archer’s specialty is firing her bow from a distance. She has the most powerful ranged attack in the game.

Blacksmith - Blacksmiths are large, powerful characters armed with a giant war hammer and throwing axes. They may move slow but pack the greatest punch.

Ninja - Ninjas are armed with a jitte, which is a fast dagger like weapon. They fire shurikens from afar and have powerful combo attacks.

Mage - Though they have a staff and wand to stave off opponents, Mages are the most fragile class. They posses powerful spells that can freeze enemies and inflict heavy damage.


OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
CPU: Pentium Celeron 1.2
RAM: 512MB Memory
HDD: 500 MB Free
Graphics Card: Geforce MX 4000 / Radeon 9200

Website: Rakion

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