Rail Nation has received a new content update

Travian Games has published a major content update for its browser game Rail Nation which brings a wide range of new content to the game, many of which are the result of extensive collaboration with the community.

The highlights of the summer update at a glance:

- Declare associations as friendly or rival: From now on, each association can share waiting time bonuses with other friendly associations - or let their rivals wait even longer. Additionally, each association can now have a designated home city.

- City forum: Players can now easily plan together with other engine drivers of their city. The city forum will make it much easier for citizens to plan and manage the growth of their city in detail.

- Language selection: From now on, players will be able to switch the game language to their preferred setting with just a single click. The selected language of other players will also be displayed in their profiles, making it easier to find kindred spirits in the race to build the largest railway empire.

- New conductor: William L. Smith was also affected by the changes, as he was sent back to the academy. He has now finished his additional training and is back at the players' service with even more valuable hints and information throughout the game.

- Extension of the Plus Account: The Plus Account is now more beneficial than ever. For example, with its feature to duplicate train schedules with a simple click or the significantly simplified servicing.

- Revised webpage: The webpage has undergone a major reworking and now displays even more information about servers and game news.

Source of informations: Travian Games press release.

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