RaiderZ: Exclusive interview

We have interviewed Tony Kim, Product Manager for RaiderZ (published by Perfect World in North America). He speaks about pvp, pve, dungeons, combat system and crafting, so don't miss it!

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to interview you about RaiderZ.

Answer:  It’s always a pleasure, thanks for having us!

First of all, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Answer:  I’m Tony Kim, Product Manager for RaiderZ.

How would you describe RaiderZ to someone who has never heard about it before?

Answer:  RaiderZ is a free-to-play MMORPG focused on slaying Epic Monsters and turning their parts into powerful weapons and armor. RaiderZ has a non-targeting combat system requiring players to dodge and attack monsters in real-time, truly putting players’ skills to the test.

Between how many archetypes or classes are we going to be able to choose? What kind of character progression will RaiderZ offer?

Answer:  Players will be able to choose from four different base skill trees: the Berserker, the Defender, the Cleric and the Sorcerer. From there, character progression is all skill based, giving you the ability to tailor make your character to any play style.

Players will not be bound to a rigid class system, making it incredibly beneficial for players to create their own roles for boss fights.

Could you tell us more on the character customization? How will the players be able to make their character unique?

Answer: Players can customize not only appearance but also character abilities. Each of weapon type has different stats and skill trees associated with it. Players can then select from these skill trees in order to create a personalized character to best suit their preferred play style.

RaiderZ focuses on group play but is there anything for the solo player?

Answer:  Players will be able to progress through most of the game on their own. However, Epic Monsters will pose a challenge to those who choose to solo. It is advised that players form groups in order to defeat these Epic Monsters.

How will the crafting system work?  

Answer:  RaiderZ will focus on what we like to call Conquest Crafting. Weapons and armor are not dropped by monsters. Instead, monsters will drop crafting materials that will allow players to craft powerful weapons and armor.

Once a player has the required crafting materials for gear, they will need to speak to an Artisan NPC who will create their gear of choice.

Could you give us some details about the combat system? Is it based on the control skills of the player or does it rely on characters’ gear? It is supposed to be a non-targeting system; could you tell us more that feature?

Answer:  It’s a balance of both well -crafted gear and skilled combat control. Having good gear will play a part in your longevity in battle but the non- targeting control is the focal point in the game’s combat mechanics.
Working kind of like a first person shooter, you have to do things like take in consideration proximity of your attacks as well as be nimble and dodge oncoming enemy onslaughts.  It’s a combat system a twitch based gamer would love.

What make the epic monsters unique in RaiderZ in comparison with other massive monster hunting games?

Answer:  One of our primary focuses while developing the game is to make sure the game is not just some run of the mill MMO. By emphasizing the ‘Epic’ in Epic Monsters, each boss has their own unique attack pattern for you and your team to strategize and defeat. It’s a challenging mix of strategy and twitch based skills, really making it a game enjoyable for a large audience of gamers no matter their preference.

The game is mostly PVE focused but what kind of PvP can we find in RaiderZ?

Answer:  Although our Alpha test did focus primarily on PvE, there’s a lot coming down the pipeline for PvP.  With closed-beta coming soon, we are hoping to add in some PvP elements.

Could you give us some information about dungeons and mini dungeons featured in Raiderz?

Answer:  There will be many mini dungeons appearing throughout the quest lines that can be soloed that are shorter and easier than full-scale dungeon instances. We will have larger dungeons as well, with elite mobs, requiring a full team. Right now we are also in the planning stages in creating a dungeon requiring a team of 10 to 15 players where special, rare materials can be dropped to be used for crafting powerful weapons and armor.

RaiderZ has been announced as a Free to Play MMO but could you reveal any details on the monetization system? Will it be necessary to buy items to be powerful in the game?

Answer:  We’re making sure that you will be able to play free without any content or time gating. There will be an item mall with costumes and a few items that will be beneficial to players during battle.

In what languages and regions are you planning to launch RaiderZ and do you already have an approximative date to communicate for an international closed beta?  

Answer:  After a successful Alpha testing, we will continue to fine tune everything in English. It’s a busy time for us now as we prepare to ramp up for the next beta phase where we will introduce new content, hopefully by Q3 2012.

In your opinion, what makes RaiderZ more fun than other games featuring massive monster hunting?

Answer:  The monsters aren’t just large, they’re epic! The Epic Monster fights are what really distinguish RaiderZ from the rest. Challenging battles require teams to be incredibly coordinated and focused in order to take down each epic beast. The monsters will attack in all forms, from picking you up and smashing you against the ground to throwing you across the battlefield. Some will literally chew you up and spit you out.  In addition to the non-targeting combat system and skill-based progression, the game caters to players no matter what their preferred genre preference. Whether you’re an MMO purist, hack &slash aficionado or a gutsy shooter fan, RaiderZ serves it all up on an epic plate for you to sink your teeth into.


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    What’s the diference between (for eg) the Sorcerer with Sword & Shield or the Sorcerer w/ staff and archtypes the share weapons?

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