Quest for Chests giveaway for Allods Online

Gpotato has announced the biggest MMORPG giveaway of the summer: The Allods Online Quest for Chests. Play an hour a day to get a key that might unlock the chest of your dreams.

Starting today, Allods will be giving away more than $50,000 worth of prizes. Use your keys to open chests for a chance to INSTANTLY WIN some of our most popular Item Shop items, including Enchanted Saddles, Dragon Hide Backpacks, and Holy Charms! Each time you open a chest, you will also be entered into a drawing to win that quest’s amazing prizes, such as Alienware Aurora PC Desktop gaming systems, custom Astro A30 headsets, iPads, and 52” LCD TVs!

Check here all you need to know about Allods Online. And visit its official website.


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  1. vds

    the girls on the picture are sexy…

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