Pyromancer class unveiled for Mythos




Frogster today presents the first of three character classes from the Hack`n`Slash MMO Mythos: the fiery ‘Pyromancer’, who has a special talent for controlling the element of fire. The Pyromancer doesn’t just get players hot under the collar and  none of the many dungeon-dwelling monsters in the world of Mythos are safe from this highly-customizable class either.

Players have the choice of constructing three skill trees which all vary from each other in very fundamental ways. Each of the three trees encompasses many different skills which the player will come to master during the course of the game. The skills they choose to improve will also have an effect on the battle technique and playing style of their Pyromancer character. The skills which bestow the long-range combat technique typical of a fire wizard turns him into a so-called ‘Flamecaster’. However, a further possible specialization for the Pyromancer is ‘Cinderblade’ which turns him into a magical close-combat fighter. He will then have the power to summon protective shields and wield enchanted weapons. In contrast, the ‘Coalsmasher’, has the ability to summon helpful fiery creatures such as powerful golems which can support him in battle and even use their own power of fire to strike enemies.

Check here all you need to know about Mythos. And visit its official website.

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