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Developed by Three Rings for Windows.


Puzzle Pirates is a massively multi-player game that includes 20 interactive, fun arcade puzzles. The game includes seven multi-player puzzles covering sword fighting, drinking, brawling, and four card games.

In Puzzle Pirates, you take on the role of a Pirate. After creating your Pirate, you are free to travel from Island to Island around the Ocean, earning your keep as a sailor and buccaneer. You can use your wealth to buy yourself a ship, fill out your wardrobe, or even become a merchant yourself.


Uniquely among massively multi-player games, many of the aspects of the Puzzle Pirates world are based on playing fun, engaging Puzzles. For example, sword fighting between players is an interactive Puzzle; the different aspects of maintaining your pirate ship are each solo puzzles; sailing the ship in battle is a strategic puzzle you play against other players. As a result, the game will always present you with new and interesting challenges: You are never limited by the level of your character, only by your skill at each of our 20 puzzles!


The Puzzle Pirates world is made up of varied islands, each linked to the next by dangerous sea lanes. Each ship sailing from island to island is crewed by players working together cooperatively to earn their fortune. While out adventuring, players can face attack from roaming brigands, hunt for treasure, dare to sail to haunted sea monster realms, or even make plans to conquer their very own island. The game provides entertainment for players of all ages, from simple puzzling fun all the way to the complexities of battles involving hundreds of ships.


Puzzle Pirates is operated in two modes, Puzzle Pirates Original and Puzzle Pirates Family. It includes additional features designed to protect younger players while they enjoy the game. The Family mode provides:

- 24 hour live game monitoring
- Stringent language controls
- Game design suitable for players of all ages


Every activity in Puzzle Pirates is a uniquely fun puzzle! Carpenters repairing battle damage, bilge rats pumping out the bilge, sailors catching a salty wind, gunners washing and loading the cannons, the navigator setting a course that's true... every duty from sailing to leading an armada relies on yer own puzzling skills.



Website: Puzzle Pirates

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