Public Beta Test for Legend of Silkroad

Legend of Silkroad - news

JC Planet has just communicated the beginning of a public closed beta test for their upcoming MMO Legend of Silkroad, which is scheduled for February 26. There will be no keys required for this test, meaning that everyone can participate and play. The client is already available for download.

Legend of Silkroad (LOS) is an upcoming hegemonic MMORPG with an historic fantasy setting based on the ancient Silk Road that interconnected East and West in the cetral Asian area.

The game's key features are:

  • 3 Kingdoms (races) - China, Persia and Rome

  • Advanced visuals and AI

  • In-depth battle & war system, including an arena, caravan battles, camp conflicts between armed escorts and thieves, trade wars and guild trade war as well as a large-scale war between the 3 kingdoms

  • Diverse PvP system

image los

Source of information: JC press release.


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