Project Blackout has presented the melee-only knuckle mode

SG Interactive calls for its MMOFPS Project Blackout players to train on stealth and stalking skills with the introduction of the melee-only knuckle mode. Now players from The Corps or Aegis Inc can battle mano-a-mano while perfecting their covert action skills in this new eight on eight deathmatch update.

In support or this creative and new combat mode, Project Blackout has introduced two new female character skins in the Outpost. The Corps faction players have a chance at winning Rica Lopez, a hard-as-nails former sniper turned block-ops operator. Gamers who prefer to align with Aegis Inc can take on the role of Judy Chou, a combination of tactician and scientist that makes her as deadly with a scalpel as she is with a sniper rifle.

With Project Blackout we are constantly asking ourselves how we can interject new gameplay modes, much like last years’ Dino Mode,” said JT Hwang, Project Blackout producer for SG Interactive. “Knuckle Mode is the latest team deathmatch gameplay with a twist, allowing players to learn how to better stalk each other without the aid of short or long-range weaponry.

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