Prime World has revealed game lore, heroes, classes and more on its updated website

Nival has revealed game lore, heroes, classes and more on updated website of its cross-platform action strategy game, Prime World. The game is scheduled for beta testing this year for North American and European players, at the game's updated English-language website.

Learn about the game's two warring factions, the Keepers and Imperium, and several heroes from each side, including the team's unique support heroes, the Keeper's Artiste and the Inventor of the Imperium.

Take a look to more heroes, including:

Quarrier: His natural strength multiplied when the water he worked in at the irrigation dam was mixed with Prime. Foes beware of his Talent, "Shockwave," when he lands a heavy blow to the earth that does heavy damage to nearby enemies.
Fire Fox: This warrior maiden can manipulate flames that would consume all others. She is also skilled in deception, able to use her Fox Trick to create a decoy of herself while she flees to safety, only to return and burn anew.
Rat Master: This musical maestro accepted a pearl of Prime as a gift from the rats who fed him and cared for him. Taking Prime changed his music and allowed him to control his foes with Talents such as "Call of the Flute," which can enchant opposing heroes for a short time and soldiers until they perish.
Archer: Slain in a treacherous attack on her noble father's land, the Archer was revived through the power of Prime and now she serves the Imperium in battle. She uses her technologically advanced bow to hunt down her master's enemies from afar. The Decisive Shot lets her target the weakest opponent around her, allowing her squad to then strike the finishing blow.

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