Preview of the third episode of Sword Girls

The anime card game Sword Girls has presented the preview, of its third episode, and shows the new cards that are coming to the upcoming open beta test of the game. These cards are only a sample of what Sword Girls Episode 3 has to offer.

- Cook Club Ace (Vita Public School) - If your opponent is just sitting there with a high-defense Follower, laughing as all of your attacks bounce off it, bring out Cook Club Ace. Whenever she attacks a Follower with a Defense other than 0, her own Attack and Stamina rise. This helps her chop up targets with a negative Defense, but its real benefit comes when fighting Followers with a high Defense. The tougher her target’s shell, the stronger she gets. Once she gets warmed up, she’ll cleave through other Followers like a hot knife through butter.

- Library Club Ace (Vita Public School) - The Library Club Ace (or Lib. Ace for short) is the ultimate pure support Follower. She only has a SIZE of 2, so you have plenty of room for other Followers, and every turn, all allied Vita Followers gain Attack and Stamina equal to her SIZE of 2. If you raise her SIZE with buffing cards like Cooking Failure, the benefits she provides grow as well!

- Black Magic Plot (Academy) - Black Magic Plot is a Spell that sharply raises the Attack of Academy Followers. Two of them get an additional four Attack, allowing them to quickly smash through enemy Followers. This Spell can more than double the Attack of many Followers. It does reduce their Stamina by one, but compared to the raw power they receive, it’s a price well worth paying.

- Linia Pacifica (Academy) - Linia Pacifica is Cinia’s eldest sister. As the leader of the Pacificas, she holds a lot of personal power, hitting hard and taking a lot of punishment. However, her true power as a lady of noble birth is her influence over others. At the start of every turn, she grants herself and neighboring Academy Followers a bonus to Attack and Stamina equal to half of her SIZE, rounded up. By default, her SIZE is 5, so she and up to two other allies will be getting boosts of 3 every turn.

- Cultist Maid (Academy) - The Cultist Maid is a sneaky Follower that isn’t afraid to fight dirty, and she has a skill that’s sure to ruin your opponent’s carefully-laid plans. Before she attacks, the defender’s skills are completely removed. She can only do this once, but the best Followers rely on their skills to carry their weight. Cultist Maid, used at the right time, can destroy the tactical value of even the most powerful Followers.

- Crux Command (Crux) - Crux Command carries the authority of Jaina, the leader of the Crux Knights. This powerful Spell is a Double Rare card: the rarest type in the game. The odds of drawing it when you buy a random card are slim, but its power is indisputable. Normally, this card grants two allied Followers 2 Defense and 1 Stamina. The stat increase is nice, but if you have nine or fewer cards remaining in your Deck when you use Crux Command, it grants an astonishing 6 Attack and 6 Stamina, along with raising their Size by 1.

- Vanguard Knight (Crux) - The Vanguard Knight is a welcome addition to Crux forces. For Crux players who were jealous of Layna Scentriver, the Vanguard Knight brings her own spin on that Vita Follower’s skill. Vanguard Knight starts with an impressive 6 Attack, 2 Defense, and 13 Stamina, but her Attack and Stamina are raised by the number of Crux cards in your Hand at the start of every turn. While she may not have Layna’s sheer durability, Vanguard Knight makes up for it in offensive power.

- Chrono Clock (Crux) - Chrono Clock is a simple, but powerful Spell. Its effects are unpredictable, but they’ll always be welcome. A random allied Crux Follower has its Attack raised by 1, 2, or 3, but more importantly, its SIZE is reduced by 1, 2, or 3. In short, Chrono Clock hits with a one-two punch by empowering a Follower and reducing its SIZE at the same time. This frees up valuable room in your Field SIZE for other Followers itching to get in on the action!

- Mediator Cabernet (Darklore) - Vampires are not generally known for their willingness to help others, but Mediator Cabernet works to keep Darklore infighting to a minimum. As long as she’s in play, allied Darklore Followers have their Attack and Stamina raised by 2 at the start of every turn. She only has a Stamina of 9, but her 2 points of Defense go a long way to ensuring her survivability. The more time Cabernet has to do her job, the stronger all your Darklore Followers will be.

- Misfortune (Darklore) - Misfortune is a great Spell to weigh down your opponent. When it takes effect, an enemy Follower has its SIZE raised by 3, which keeps the opponent from putting down more cards and puts serious limitations on their ability to react to your plays, and if it raises their Field SIZE by enough, it forces them to discard cards they can’t play. This powerful Spell does, however, have a limiting factor. In order for it to work, Misfortune removes six cards in your Grave from the game, so it’s best used either late in the game, or in magic-heavy Decks.

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