Preview of Guardians of Ember

Preview of Guardians of Ember

Guardians of Ember - news

Developers Runewaker (Dragon’s Prophet, Runes of Magic) are gearing up for the Early Access launch of their fantasy MMORPG Hack n’ Slash fantasy title Guardians of Ember, preparing for release on PC in Europe and North America it is a beautiful looking, traditional action RPG style title (Path of Exile, Diablo 3).

The game is currently going through an already pretty successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign (like Kickstarter), but the crowdfunding isn’t to actually build the game, the game already exists. Originally seen as a Taiwanese title under the name Ember Guard a year ago, for various reasons it didn’t advance the game passed closed beta and has now sought out a new publisher for the actual first launch of the game in the west. The Indiegogo campaign is simply to try and get the funding to localize the game in German to increase the player base and make a more established multi-region game to coincide with its already made English version.


Guardians of Ember screenshot 1 Guardians of Ember screenshot 4

So what’s the game about? Well it follows the story of the Guardians of Ember, a collective that are the last vanguards against the forces of evil that, after a year’s long war, have descended the world of Olyndsale into chaos; tasked now to recover an ancient artifict that is the only thing can stop this rising evil, the legendary Ember. As one of these Guardians players can choose from 4 different races as well as 6 unique classes (with the option of multi-classing at level 15); Knight, Dark Knight, Ranger, Priest, Mage or Engineer, able to customize their character with over 300 passive and active skills.

Focusing on a traditional quest based PVE adventure players will travel across 58 regions, across different terrain environments, battle through over 60 randomly generated dungeons, and battle against some truly challenging opponents with the option to choose your dungeon difficulty. For the PVP enthusiast there are numerous PVP options which include 1vs1, 3vs3 and 5vs5 combat battling for ranks, prizes or fun. As well as this players can enjoy a full crafting and enchanting system to create their own gear, or acquire hundreds of items to decorate their own home with a player housing feature.


Guardians of Ember screenshot 3 Guardians of Ember screenshot 2

If the game sounds like something you’d be interested in then we urge you to check out the Indiegogo campaign, whether you want to play the game in German or not, the game is due to begin its Early Access at the end of September and making a pledge from as low as their $17 package will grant you a Steam key to play the game. Various other packages include t-shirts, exclusive Guardian Armor and Sabertooth mounts and more. The top $100 perk known as the “Golden Dragon Expedition” grants players a title of the same name and enrols them in an exclusive group of hunters who can seek out 50 currently unnamed monsters and, if being the first to kill one, actually get to name the creature themselves and earn a secondary more unique title; we have to admit that does sound pretty cool.


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