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Warframe is next up for our Players Speak, thrown over to our player reviewers to let us know what they think, the game is a free to play co-op shooter, primarily focusing on PVE but with PVP elements. The game can be accessed through Windows, PS4 and Xbox One and lets players take on the role of the Tenno, ancient warriors woken from a deep hibernation to fight against the Grineer in a devastating war, using their powerful Warframe exo-suits players have a variety of classes to choose from that can be upgraded and customized.

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  • JimSlam: Warframe is an odd game, it is at its core quite grindy and at times repetitive, but for some reason the sheer fun of the gameplay makes you overlook this fact quite easily. With relatively random maps and dynamic events the PVE co-op is by far the strongest factor when it comes to gameplay, if you can get a group of friends playing and working together then it is definitely one of the best free to play co-op games out there. The PVP is a little short lived, greatly lacking in a lot of options, but combat is fun, fast and frenetic and most definitely skill based combined with gear and the extensive mod customization options to hone your preferred Warframe/class.

  • IAMJohn: The game lengths fall in the middle of short to medium length, which is ideal for someone like me who might just want to jump in and kill a little time. The combat is extremely action packed and, combined with the amazing graphics, has a real cinematic feel; play with or alongside a Warframe like Volt and watch his electricity attacks flow across the surface of a room or explode over an enemy and it’s simply jaw dropping. Definitely a fun game and the payment model seems decent enough with items and warframes unlocked with one of the two currencies, with players able to purchase the Platinum premium currency or earn it daily, it doesn’t seem pay to win but pay for convenience.

  • Kittypride: The number of available Warframe classes is extremely impressive as each really offers a completely different style of play, but unlocking them all definitely takes time if you aren’t prepared to buy Platinum. I found the enhancement system collect Card Mods to be a really interesting way to customize individual warframes, though acquiring both them and the schematics needed to craft gear and Warframes can also be quite time consuming. Overall I found the game exciting though shooters aren’t generally my preferred style of game, but picking up random groups was easy and it was always fun to find a group that knew what they were doing.

  • Ballgon: The grind is strong. So other than the obviously repetitive gameplay on the same kind of maps over and over, the constant working towards getting loot drops becoming mind numbingly boring and the slow progression to get anything done without sinking in hours and hours, there are also caps. There are progression caps, whether caps on Mastery determining how many points you can earn in any given day, or caps on the number of items you can get (Syndicate) or the grind of trying to find Syndicate points (providing you have a team prepared to actually spend the arduous amount of time it takes seeking them out on a map). Pretty much everything needs some sort of levelling and the capping just brings it to a point where you are grinding for nothing and gently guides players to putting their hands in their pocket to spend some cash…

  • Tenebrae: At its core there are no roleplay elements to the game, which is fine as it isn’t really designed for that, though the background ideas is interesting, though not very well padded out, playing as space ninjas… well… that’s pretty epic! What I did manage to get was a few friends to play with me to do some co-op and whilst we were working together, giving instructions and updates to enemy positions, using strategy and tactics, it did have a more immersive RP feel due to the sheer immersion that the game provides. Whilst fun for some pick up and play it’s not the kind of game I would want to play constantly, as I do feel it would be a very similar experience that wears thin after a while (even for non roleplayers).

  • Elijah: I’ve had the pleasure/displeasure to put in quite a lot of hours into Warframe and it definitely takes its toll; with only five different maps that have (after a while) an all too familiar and generic layout, relatively poor AI that doesn’t use that many tactics, very few PVP options and the general time it takes to do.. anything… creates for a game that grows more and more frustrating. Now I generally don’t mind paying cash for things, and the Platinum options Digital Extreme offer aren’t bad deals, but it feels like the repetitive gameplay and grind almost forces your hand if you want to get anywhere, not because you want to shortcut to get stuff quickly, but because you want to get past the really dull grind so that you can start to enjoy it. Whilst the game can be played for free it definitely feels like the looming black cloud of grind that constantly hangs over your head spoils the experience and every so often you pay to get out from under its shadow only to have it catch up again.

  • Your_Nemesis: The combat is pretty exciting and the way that the simply stunning graphics complement it goes a long way to creating a game that from the onset you feel pretty excited about and invested in. As an older gamer I like to see how games have progressed, in truth there are elements to Warframe that feel a little similar to older games and not in a good way; the AI itself is a blast from the past insofar that it seems to lack any skill, in comparison to the intelligent AI of other MMOS, and the frequent lag is also something I wouldn’t expect of a modern game. All that said it is worth a try as it’s a fun little game and for the free to play price then there’s no reason for players who like action Cooperative PVE to not give it a shot.

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So that’s what our players think, but what about you? Do you play Warframe? If not then why not? What do you like or hate about it, and what do you think about our players’ opinions? Let us know in the comments!

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