Pixel Worlds Coming to Steam

Finnish developer Kukouri, the creative force behind the Tiny Trooper franchise, today released a major update for Pixel Worlds, the highly social sandbox online multiplayer game with charming 2D pixel art graphics. The biggest update since the Pixel Worlds launch on iOS and Android in early 2017 includes cross-platform play across mobile, PC and Mac, new quests, over 100 new items, boosters and more.

“Cross-platform support across mobile and PC was the top requested feature by the Pixel Worlds community on mobile and tablets, and we are beyond excited to finally bring this idea to fruition”, said Kim Soares, CEO of Kukouri. “With over one million players on mobile, we highly value our community feedback, hence this update consists of various features suggested and requested by our loyal players.”

The Pixel Worlds update includes complete cross-platform play with the ability to play Pixel Worlds on mobile, tablets or PC and Mac (after the game’s Steam release on Friday 9th June). With the inclusion of new tutorial quests and daily quests, Kukouri have added over 100 new items including new Tier 8 and New Daily bonuses so players can continue to farm, build, trade items and use a combination of items to build a world that is unique to their character. Additionally, the new update includes the Samuraiii booster, featuring dozens of samurai themed items, clothes and blocks. Finally, Shogun Blueprints can be used to create a rare armor set, in line with the samurai theme.

Going all out with social media integration, Kukouri fosters Pixel Worlds’ community by not only playing the game daily themselves and interacting with players, but also by arranging weekly streams on Youtube, Twitch and Mobcrush, as well as promoting user and influencer videos in-game as a part of their Influencer Program. Pixel Worlds has it’s own Youtube channel with over a million views and the game’s official Instagram account has been growing 20% weekly compared to the average growth rate of 6-8%.


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