Pirate Galaxy is celebrating it’s 3rd anniversary

Splitscreen celebrates the 3rd anniversary of its browser MMO Pirate Galaxy with a huge in-game event and a new feature that introduces the Drones.

3 years ago the human space colony in the Vega system was battered by a continuous brutal onslaught from an alien race that became known as the Mantis. Brave space pirates joined the human resistance against the Mantis invasion. They engaged the terrifying enemy in countless thrilling battles and spread throughout the universe, liberating one star system after another, forging clans and alliances, and powering up their ever-growing fleet of spaceships.

Today marks the third anniversary of human resistance against the Mantis, so thousands of presents had been prepared during past months that would score participants of the celebration a fantastic reward. But the Mantis found out. Eager to deal a vengeful blow to humanity they struck down all the cargo vessels shipping presents for the celebration and took whatever they could take. Once again only the courage and bravery of the space pirates can save the day.

The fantastic A101 Armor Drone is your final reward! Collecting presents will eventually give you access to this amazing drone which transforms any of your spaceships into a highly competitive reinforced combat unit!

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