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Avatar Creations has just announced the upcoming change of Perpetuum's payment model which is planned for April 2.The monthly subcription fee will be dropped to introduce a single and final purchase at a price of 28.99 USD/EUR.

In addition, players will be able to make optional in-game purchases of previously unavailable services and cosmetic upgrades. All players who had at least 3 months of game time ever on their account by April 2 will receive Perpetuum for free.

perpetuum screenshot1 perpetuum screenshot2

The new payment model will be accompanied by the introduction of a new type of currency, Perpetuum Credits (PC), which can be bought with real-world money and enables players to buy items such as EP boosters (+50% for a month) and EP reset (to use the EP for any character on the player's account) as well as to rename their character.

Source of information: Avatar Creations press release.


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