Path of Fire, The Second Expansion for Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet has unveiled a new expansion for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. This is the second expansion to the game, and it will launch on September 22. Watch the teaser trailer below.

Path of Fire will take players to the Crystal Desert, a classic location from the original Guild Wars, and to norther reaches of Elona (seen in Guild Wars: Nightfall). Over there they will find a vast desert, ruins and ancient temples.

The expansion will introduce trainable mounts with special skills, elite especializations to further customize level 80 characters, and a new guild hall.

“This new expansion is all about content,” said Mike O’Brien, ArenaNet president and co-founder. “An epic story, five immense new open-world zones, mounts that allow you to move through Tyria in all-new ways, and nine new elite specializations.”

Those interested can pre-purcharse it for $29.99 as a standalone or as a part of a bundle with the previous expansion for $49.99. From August 11 to August 13, all players will be able to check it out the new expansion for free. Those who buy the expansion will receive a max-level boost.

Watch the trailer:


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