Panzar has received an extensive update

Panzar Studio has released a new update for their new free-to-play 3D action MOBA Panzar. In order to further improve the gameplay, this extensive patch brings a large variety of innovations and changes to the game.

Panzar toxic bay RW1

- New map Toxic Bay - The Toxic Bay map with the new Mechanism game mode is now available. Here, every team must attempt to conquer an apparatus and then install it in a predefined position on the battlefield. After the successful installation, the apparatus must be defended against the opposing team.

- Friends recruiting system - With the new recruiting system, inviting friends to experience Panzar is not only fun, it also pays off, thanks to a rewards system. For every level the newly recruited friend goes up, the person who invited that friend will receive a given amount of gold. For every purchase of the in-game currency (Crystals) made by the invited friend, the inviter will be given 5% of the equivalent as a bonus. Regardless of how many friends are recruited, the gold and bonus crystals will be paid individually for each new comrade-in-arms.

- Social system - The social menu and thus also the chat functions can now be called up independently of game events. No matter if you’re in the middle of battle or during the waiting period for the next one – the new chat window lets you swap news with friends or your clan any time.

- General changes to gameplay:

· In the future, the randomizer of the group composition will only allow two each of the following classes in a match at the same time: Inquisitor, Ice Witch, Gunner, and Sapper

· Smaller scale battles for low level characters. 6v6 instead of 10v10

· Several map changes to improve and balance gameplay

· New bonus experience system awards any matches played during the long hours of the night

Panzar toxic bay RW2 Panzar toxic bay RW3

Furthermore, a variety of consumable goods have been added to the shop and are now available for purchase with in-game currency. The crafting system has also been revised and improved. All recipes are now made available to players at each level. All amulets have been removed, and a new system has been integrated. Players with removed amulets will receive 5 crystals per day of remaining time. New amulet slots will now be unlocked every 5 levels, with the first equipment slot for amulets coming at Level 5.

There have also been a several optimizations which improve game flow and user friendliness including the long requested Invert Mouse option.

Source of information: Panzar Studio press release

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