Pangya’s first anniversary

Ntreev USA, announced today the celebratory events planned in honor of the one year anniversary of the online golf game, Pangya. The celebration kicks off tomorrow, April 15th with two new events- the 1st Annual Pangya Rally and the 1st Anniversary Chrono Challenge. Each of the events will run through April 28th and feature fabulous in-game and real-world prizes including Amazon Gift Cards, iPod Touches and more.

1st Annual Pangya Rally

The 1st Annual Pangya Rally, from April 15 - 28, requires help from everyone on Pangya Island! Everyone on the island must fill up a counter as they complete 18 hole games. The counter will determine what kind of prizes will be given out, and Pangyateers - who are at least Rookie C and have completed at least fourteen 18 hole games during the event -will receive prizes. In addition, players will also receive 50 Time Boosters and 50 Auto Calipers in their mailbox once they log in during the event! Other fabulous in-game prizes will include Papel Shop Coupons, 1 Year Anniversary Comets, Silent Wind, Gacha Coins and 1 Year Anniversary Club Sets. Other events taking place throughout the Rally are the Let it Rain Event with Double Rain, Double EXP Event, Double Pang Event and Eastern Valley opens.

1st Anniversary Chrono Challenge

The Chrono Challenge rewards Pangyateers who play for a set length of time or longer! From April 15 -28, players will automatically receive 25 Chrono Points for logging in every day and receive another 25 Chrono points for every 10 minutes logged in. The points can then be exchanged for prizes of the player's choice as well as earning a spot in a drawing for exclusive limited-supply prizes. Players can choose from awesome real-world prizes including a Pangya Character Figurine, a $100 Amazon Gift Card and an iPod Touch (32Gb). Fabulous in-game prizes will also be up for grabs including Chocolate Cake Hat Boxes, Fruitcake Hat Boxes, Scratchy Cards, Puff the Mascot, Coco the Mascot and 3000 Pang!

"This anniversary of the game's re-launch in North America marks a major milestone for Pangya and our fantastic community of players," said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA. "These two events are a great way to celebrate our success with our fans, as we look forward to another successful year for Pangya."

Check here all you need to know about Pangya. And visit its official website.

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