Pangya has announced the Pangya Tomahawk update

SG Interactive has announced that its anime-inspired golf MMOG, Pangya, is going to release its biggest season yet with the Pangya Tomahawk update.

Also to get players ready for the new season, there are two in-game events with plenty of rewards, happening now through June 6.

- 606 Challenge Event ­– Players who complete 66 holes in Pangya will receive in-game boosts such as the Bomber Comet and Star Boost Candy. Extreme players who finish 606 holes will receive nearly 10 times the prizes.
- Countdown Login Event – Each day players log in will bring them valuable in-game prizes. The score-improving items range from Time Boosters to Pang Mastery items, and will show up in golfers’ mailboxes just by logging in.

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